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Your Soul Will Burn Wild Like Fire

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

October 22, 2017

As humans, we are deeply intuitive beings. To numb our sensitivity is to isolate ourselves from alignment with our purest nature; restricting ourselves from our highest potential. If you do not allow yourself to experience the depth of both good and bad - you will never fully experience true fulfillment.

Allow yourself to break, to feel pain - just to dance & laugh moments later. Don't resist yourself to vulnerability, as vulnerability embodies authentic human emotion. We have the ability to experience a wide variety of feelings for a reason. Embrace your entire spectrum of emotions. When you experience doubt, confusion, anger or sadness - let it roll over you and take its time on your soul. When you experience confidence, certainty, pleasure, or exuberance - fully embrace these moments and cherish them for later-keeping. When you have bad days and don't want to talk to anyone - give yourself time to heal. When you wake up happy & want to dance around like an idiot or make a complete fool of yourself - go mad, be free.

Never apologize for being human. You don't owe anyone anything beyond your purest and most authentic self. Some people may not understand. And that's okay, because not everyone perceives life on the same spectrum. Find humans that do. Find those that make no sense at all but all the sense in the world. Find those that see humans as imperfect beings - that feel and make mistakes.

Don't abandon your humanity. Don't forget how to feel. Allow yourself to be human, and freedom will be yours. Then, suddenly, your soul will burn wild like fire.

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