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A Taste For Chaos on Her Lips

August 15, 2021

A taste for chaos on her lips. Always seeking places, people & things that will set her soul on fire. Deviance & disorder. Madness & mayhem. Give me a reason to live, she says, “I want to feel fucking alive”. She both flourishes and withers in her nature. She allows it to take it wherever it may go. Never resisting. Always unconfined. Growth only comes out of disruption, she says. One can only thrive when one allows parts of themselves to die, to fade away. Death, and rebirth. Eternally on the verge of harmony, but never quite met. Because maybe, she doesn’t want it. Maybe, that taste for chaos on her lips, that perpetual craving, is the whole point. She thrives off the thrill of never being quite fulfilled. She never knows what will come next, and maybe, that’s just what keeps her going.

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