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Find Your Things

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

January 20, 2021

Do you ever consider the mere process of how our brains are attracted to the most peculiar things ... yet, simultaneously fit into place without hesitation? Big things, yes. What makes you feel alive, what your soul craves, what desires you pursue... But small things, too. Perhaps what you cover your walls with, what scents you favor, what environments you thrive in ... and at what pace?

I like to think about this very phenomenon - it makes me tick a little faster, imprints a thing or two. Maybe, say, the process of decay. Bones, skulls, roots; a little representation of the inner workings of life. Flowers, plants, herbs, seeds; a simple yet complex process of life. The distinctive process of decay & preservation itself gives me something no other thing does. It decorates my soul. Its presence ignites admiration. It’s simple, yet so rewarding.

Find your things. Expose yourself to more of these things. If you have your things, seek more. It’ll spark something. Trust me.

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