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Why Not See It All

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

January 30, 2020

I’ve been thinking about humans lately. I do this a lot. Actually, I do this all the time. It’s something that’s intrinsic to me. It’s not a hobby of mine, it’s not as simple as characterizing myself to enjoy “people watching” as a common pass time. It’s something more than that. It occurs naturally, unconsciously.

I crave to understand what makes people tick. Why people are the way they are. Why people think, feel, perceive, and act the way they do. I’m not entirely certain as to why this is - why I have this craving. I have my theories. But inevitably, I realize everyone is captive to the complexity of social interaction and gratification that engulfs our society. It’s no secret that everyone plays their role in trying to understand why people act the way they do - whether that be analyzing every move of a nuanced crush, or simply trying to speculate how a person could act in such contrast to what you expect or want in personal interest.

But it’s more than just that. Human beings are fucking fascinating. This fascination isn’t embedded purely within the simple rudimentary understanding of our brains or our nature. This fascination isn’t embedded in the simplicity (yet, complexity) of attraction or connection. Human beings are beautifully fucked up creatures. Every thought a person has, every decision a person makes, every action a person performs - is for a reason. The reasons are indefinite. Psychopathology, environmental influences, biological influences - these are the roots, that is inevitable. But how we perceive them? How we act upon them? That is constructed. That is up to our own discretion.

I prefer to view the complexity of human nature - both good & bad, as something that can be understood. As something that has meaning. I am human, and as a human, comes judgement & mistakes. However, I strive to view every human being as a construct of what has influenced them to become who they are today. It’s never as simple as it seems. We prefer to view people and everything simply, because it’s easier. Absolutely nothing is black and white. I strive to challenge myself to seek meaning in everything. To seek complexity. To seek understanding.

Every single person, deeply embedded in their roots - is more than what they know themselves to be as well as what they are perceived to be. Strive for more. You don’t have to agree with their identity, their actions, their values, or their beliefs. But, you can consider why. Searching for reasoning will lead to obtaining understanding of the complexity of human beings.

You’re allowed to restrict your perspective of human nature to what you want to see. But you’re capable of opening your perspective to more - so why not see it all?

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