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Whiskey Words & A Shovel

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

June 20, 2017

Taking a step back from reality and opening a book filled with endearing poetry always seems to open a door in my mind.

And so it goes like this - It's wonderful to take adventures, explore new environments and meet new people. It's exciting to go out and be social. However, balance is essential.

I've always been one to ponder why people feel the need to constantly fill the void. Why does silence bother people to such a high degree when it's remarkably rare to come by? Why can't people enjoy the simplicity of things? Why do people instantly write off anything remotely unsatisfying? I've come to a conclusion that you may want to consider - It's crucial to find beauty in all things & not just the outmost wonderful. The underlying problem seems to be this need for constant gratification - and immediate, at that. The minute this gratification is at risk people go nuts. It's as if people can't function unless their constantly being pleased with everyone & everything surrounding them. Why is it that we seek unlimited perfection in every given situation and within every human we have a relationship with?

My advice? Take a step back from the everlasting chaos, and breathe. Deeply. Take a moment. Enjoy the silence. Really pay attention to detail. Seek alternative pleasures. Listen to people's emotions rather than their words. Open your stubborn mind to new perspectives. View people as human beings rather than objects catering to your own personal needs. Most importantly, find beauty in the broken things. When I say this, I mean seek vibrance in dullness. Everything is a matter of perspective. Everything. & to those who actually took the time to read this post - thank you. I appreciate your existence.

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