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Genuine Connection

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

October 18, 2017

For most of my life, I have been an observer. Before I can make a genuine connection with any given human being, I want to know how they work. How they perceive life. How they handle both hardship and happiness. What makes them feel & what doesn't. What they ache for. What they dream of becoming. What they desire & what they despise.

I don't care about age - I care about experience. I want to know what they have lived through that has led to them becoming the very person they are today. I don't care about their materialistic possessions or how they look - I care about their perspective and their nature within. I don't want small talk, I want to talk about what their soul longs for. I want to talk about their accomplishments and their mistakes. What makes them thrive and what makes them wither. What they think about our universe and how it all works. How they perceive beauty & how they perceive darkness. What makes them feel free... What makes them feel alive. Because these are the things that make us human. These are the things that make up our souls.

... And if that's not genuine connection, then what is?

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